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Custom Color for Navigation Arrows

Add the Code Plugin, and in the Head section add

Left and Right Arrows

In this recipe, we will modify the Control Bar plugin

How to increase the brightens for your whole Virtual Tour vis CSS

Add Code Plugin, and in the Head section copy / paste

How to add your Copy Right to your Virtual Tours

Add the Code Plugin and, then copy / paste the below

Auto Slideshow for Image Hotspots

People like to push the boundaries of GoThru overlays, and

Custom Font for Side Menu

There are cases when your would like to use a

Change Pulse Wave Color and Speed for the Main Hotspot

In TourMkr [] most used hotspot is the

Modify Sub Menu elements for Side Menu

Below CSS will do two things: 1) change the color

Floor Map Title Always ON

CSS Code: #overlay .map .name{ display: inline; /* This is what

Floor Map Direction Highlighter

CSS:{ width: 0 !important; height: 0 !important;